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About Us

Who are we ?

  • We are the ex-students of “Don Bosco, Imphal”.
  • We are the matrix that wires up and connects all the bosconians with the school.
  • We are the platform through which we can reach out and extend our helping hand for the general development of the school , the students and the past pupils.
  • We provide the forum which establishes the opportunity for everyone to participate in activities which will lead to the welfare of the society.


What is our Vision ?

  • To play a vital role in bringing about a better ‘education’ for our future generations.
  • To remain as the most united and vibrant group.


Where are we ?

  • We are spread all across the country and the globe. We are in Imphal, Kokotta, Delhi, Hyderabad, Poona, Bangalore,Shillong
  • We are also in USA,UK, Singapore, Thailand


How do we start ?

  • Every effort starts with a small voice, this group is the Voice.Now its our turn to stand up and not stand down.Lets all do our part and not miss out ,who knows after some years our strivings grow into a big example for everyone.
  • Lets all do this TOGETHER as the time has come to GIVE BACK to our ALMA MATER.

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Anonymous said

at 11:49 am on Jan 18, 2007

its has improved a lot..lookswise and content wise
hard work pays off

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