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Don Bosco Imphal Celebrates Golden Jubilee (1957-2007)


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Brothers of Don Bosco Imphal.



The purpose of this group is to do something good for our school,

              to contribute positively to that breeding ground called Don Bosco,

which made us what we are today. The group also serves as a matrix that

wires up and connects all the Bosconians since the birth of

Don Bosco, Imphal, in 1956.


Latest  News


Past students gift and lunch for top ten students

Some Ex-Bosconians are throwing the top ten students a lunch party along with a gift as an appreciaition for their hard work.They will be accompanied by some teachers and father George.


Mentoring of weaker students

The past students are going to mentor the weak and poor students of their choice soon.Whoever wants to mentor can choose a child from a list prepared based on the income as well as his performance.

Jubilee activities

September 29th - interschool football

October 9th - Inter-school Carroms AND Inter-school Chess

October 21 - Day for Past Pupils

January 05 - Inter-club 5-man soccer

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