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On Communication

  • Please Post only relevant mails to the entire group:The sentiments of catching up will old pals is well understood but please email directly when it's a personal one, by picking up the ids from the database. Please remember that Fr. George, Fr Nebu Mathew and Oja Indi and very senior member are in the group. Broadcasting emails irrelevant to the entire group will only become nuisance to them and the other members .
  • If you have any suggestions or ideas to be shared, please use Forum to do so and please avoid using email for such communications.


On Using Forum

  • Please do not use any fowl language in any of the communication .
  • Please try to be precise as much as possible when sharing specific ideas.
  • Please do not get personal if there is a difference of opinions.Please avoid taking any names.
  • Please maintain respectable decorum while discussing ideas and suggestions.

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