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Mentoring of students


The past pupils of Don Bosco Imphal have taken up a task to mentor students on their own. A list has been

prepared with the help of father George and concerned teahers and posted in the groups mail.

The past pupils select the students from the list depending on his choice and will start mentoring through snail mails basically.

The best ten students as well as the top ten challenging students have been carefully been chosen.

The list is as follows


Best of Class Ten (X)
Tondonba Raju Prasad
Kh Rakesh Regan C R
Issac Larinshan Sanshang Rana
      Robindro    Bijen Kumar





Challenges of Classs Ten (X)
Borrison P. Anthony L
Ch Herojit Bikash Chandra Roy
Richard Th Dimjanglung Kamei
Krishan S Harideb Ph
M Suresh Jenil S 
- Kh Joyshankar


List updated by Fr M C George


Employment programs



Jubilee Activities


Lunch of Top ten students with Teachers

The lunch for the best 10 of class X will be on Saturday - 29 September. Since it is Saturday,there will be 14 - the 10 boys,Ojha Indi, Madam Rita, Mr Sekaran and father George.


A new look to be given

As soon as the harvest is done this year Fr George is going to work on the playground. They will fill the pukri up,make the football ground full size (the breadth is slightly below regulations right now), place it exactly in the middle of the ground, grade it so that water will flow to the sides, put a pukha nala all around the ground to drain out all this water, dig and cast an underground tank to collect this water (near the toilets and it can be used there), plant three rows of trees between the basketball field and football field, put a pipe-fence around these trees,make a stage in the middle between the trees from where they can conduct the assembly, raise the paddy fields and make a basketball court nearer to the wall (beyond the present pukri) so that children can play

there during class hours without disturbing the classes going on in the school building. It is told this will cost between 1.5 and 2 lakhs.


Thanks to Father George for the minute details.


More Coming up soon...please stay in touch