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On Project Identification

Follow Issue Resolution Approach which is

  • Identify the issues. Prioritize the issues to be addressed based on the level of importance.
  • Understand the factors causing the issue through a Root Cause Analysis.
  • Pick up the factor(s) impacting the issue most.Check if they are within our control/capacity or out of our control.
  • If they are within our control,then take up as an Alumni Project Work and help resolve it. If out of control, then help the school by suggesting innovative ideas and provide secondary support to resolve the issue.
  • Track to see if the issue is resolved or getting resolved.
  • Repeat the above process till we SUCCEED.


Guideline/Checklist for Alumni Project Work

Following is a simple Guideline/Checklist that can be used while executing Alumni Project Work Steps:

  • Define : What is/are the Goal(s) of the project? Has the goal been clearly understood and accepted by all the interested parties?
  • Scope: What is in scope and out of scope of the project?
  • Measure: How much of resources ,time will be required? How big is the impact? Set up project milestones.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Who are the team members and who will lead the project ? Are the R&R and expectations clearly described and understood by the team members and the project lead?
  • Analyze: Brainstorming session!! What is the best tool and techniques to be used? What is the root cause of a problem? What is the best way to implement etc.?
  • Improve: Do we have the test solution plan? What are implementation plans? What could go wrong? Do we have contingency plans?
  • Control: How will we monitor our project success? Establish responsibility for monitoring over time?
  • Project Closure: Have we documented the project and shared the result with everyone?




Root Cause Analysis-Fish Bone Diagram

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