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Special Events

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Latest Events in the beginning.


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Imphal Meeting @26Nov-06

Thanks to Tamo Basanta (1988) for the Updates

Date and Time :Fri, 26 Nov 2006.

Have been trying desperately to contact Imphal to get the exact details of what transpired on last Sundays Meet. I still am not able to speak to Fr. George, however, I spoke at length to Sagolsem Anil,, my batchmate and one of the 15 members of the Imphal Team who participated and actively contributted towards the meeting.

Here are the important points:

  • The Imphal Team is on the way to become an effective unit by formally forming a team with proper office bearers - this could not be completed on 26th so they will do it on the next meet Sceduled for next Sunday, i.e 3rd Dec.
  • A room also has been allocated in the school itself to function as the "office" of the GJ Committee
  • A list of high ranking/VIPs who are past students, have been shortlisted, discussed - to be incorporated as Patrons for the celebration and the "khongmees" are already on the job contacting these persons and confirming so that by 3rd the names could be announced.
  • A team of oja Indi and 3 other past students who are now teachers in the school and are part of the Imphal Team (i.e the 15 volunteers, hereinafter referred to as Imphal Team only) are on the job to finalise the list of events, prioritise them and calculate expected expenditure, so that further activity with regards to raising funds can be carried out - this will again be ready by 3rd and discussed there.
  • The "committee" is already in the process of opening an account in the name of the GJ Celebration committee so that funds from contributors can be channelised - this will again be finalised by 3rd.


Inter-Zonal Conference@26Nov-06

Day of the conference call : Sunday -26th Nov-2006. Time: 8pm IST (9.30 EST)

Participants : Kheda Sanjenbam (1988, US); Rajen Chingakham (1986, US); Ningthouremba (1993, US); Sanad Aribam (1994,Bangalore); Basanta Rajkumar (1988, Delhi); Bhalindra Waribam (1993, Delhi); Dwipen Kh (1997, Poona).

In view of streamlining the basic Alumni Communication, Information sharing Infrastructure and to update on zonal meetings, an inter zonal conference call was set up. The meeting agenda was broken into 3 parts.

  1. Utilization of GJ Fund
  2. Communication Channel
  3. Re organize our present Wiki Site
The minutes of the meeting:

Note: Because of Skype participant’s limitation, some of the team members above were on text chat and not on Voice chat.

Utilization of GJ Fund from Alumni:

  • Proposed that the fund collected from Alumni be utilized in parts- some in GJ and some on students development projects. The basic idea is to utilize the money effectively so that it creates a long lasting impact.
  • Discussed the possible areas where fund can be utilized effectively like sponsoring symposium and souvenir for Golden Jubilee. Sponsoring educational camp like leadership camp for students, sponsoring career counseling camp, sponsor socially related activites aimed specifically at the underprivileged and poors like taking a group of handicapped children on a picnic, treating them to a sumptuous meal, providing clothes for them etc.
  • Decided to wait for the final list of events from Imphal meeting held today and discuss in detail with Father.
  • Decided to get inputs from every member by opening up a discussion forum through ‘forum’ in wikisite.

Communication Channel

  • We will use‘donbosco_imphal@yahoogroups.com’ exclusively for announcement of important events and signing up of new members. We will utilize this platform only for this type of communication. Ideas and proposal will be communicated through “Forum” segment in our wikisite. This is because as we move along, lot of ideas and long chain of mails are floating around and it becomes difficult to manage the information. We will have our ‘wikisite’ as one central platform for managing this.
  • Any new member would be directed to the wikisite to get the details of the group.
  • Re-organizing the present Wikisite

The present wikisite will undergo some basic infrastructural change. We will make it a dynamic site. It would have the following features:

  • Home: This would have information about whats going on currently, the latest information or news about the group activity.
  • About Us: This link will have all the details about the group, its vision, what we stand for, purpose and objectives of the group.
  • Golden-Jubilee@ 2007: This will link to the Golden Jubilee website developed by Delhi Team which has all the information about Golden Jubilee.
  • Members: This link will have all the list of members in the group and their profile. We will come out with a form to capture the basic information about the new members. For the existing members, we can ask the zonal representatives to gather the profile of the members residing in their zones. We can collate in an excel and come out with composition chart by zone, by occupation etc..
  • Special Events: This link will contain the list of events that has taken so far including the current one. This would include minutes of the meeting, Delhi meet, Conference call details etc..
  • Projects: Under this category, we will have “personal” projects and ‘group’ projects. Under personal, we will include projects undertaken by individual like workshop, lectures in school during their visits, any special individual sponsors etc. Group projects would be any projects taken up collectively like sponsors for GJ. To update the individual projects, we will come out with a standard template that can be used by everyone to share their work. The idea id to document who has done what and keep a track of the contribution by the Alumni.
  • Guidelines: A small link to provide the dos and donts of the group in terms of communication, a guiding principal to have effective idea sharing forum, basic project checklist, quality tools to identify and solve problems etc..
  • Forum: A link that would take us to a page where we can throw in our ideas and suggestion and proposals to specific areas of discussion. It would require registration to participate in the discussion.
      It would be broadly classified into categories depending upon the immediate requirement. For the time being we will have categories like
    • Utilization of GJ fund from Alumni: Under this category people will share their ideas on how they want the fund to be utilized so that it gets the maximum impact to the students and the school.
    • Students Development Program: Under this category people can suggest different development programs they think are useful for the students.
    • Alumni Voice: Under this category, people can give their ideas on what programs can be done to improve on the Alumni activities, their concerns and help needed, feedbacks to improve the service etc.
    • +++
    • For each category mention above, there will be a four to five member committee that will collate and analyze the ideas/suggestions given by the group. They will present the top ideas to the Core Committee (Zonal Representatives for the time being along with School Authority like Fr.George) and they in turn will take the ideas through the Laid Down Project Guideline (Quality Process Map) and decide on the best workable idea. This will be communicated to the entire group via mail giving the reason behind choosing that idea or suggestion. Next step could be form a team to implement the project.
    • Forum is going to be the crucial means to get the voice of the members and make the system more objective and unbiased. It is the channel to keep the group involved and interactive. Without the participation of the entire members in terms of giving their thoughts and inputs, it would tantamount to running the show by few, which defeats the purpose and objective of the group.
  • Chat:A small interactive feature for bosconians to meet and chat. Will check out the possibility of restricting to just bosconians members.
  • Gallery: Link that would take us to the Photo section of the school, Alumnis, events etc..
  • To make it as objective and democratic as possible, we would also have Poll Option in our wikisite/yahoo (will find out the possibilities)




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